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Fall Asleep Fast With Gallery

Fall Asleep Fast With Gallery

Fall Asleep Fast With Gallery

Getting good sleep is imperative to good health. It’s not always, however, for some people. Decompressing after a stressful day can take some time. Nature is a known remedy to help you slow down. If you haven’t checked out Gallery from Dish it’s definitely worth your time. The service (Channel 500) features over 100 nature, art and DISH scape scenes that play on your TV similar to the yule log. The service is just $5 and often you can try Gallery free for the first month.


Here's just a sampling of some of the Gallery options available targeted to sleep and relaxation:

Harmony of Nature: The blissful harmony of nature flows through the world from the mountains to the oceans.

Beach Waves at Night: Relax to the sound of lapping waves in the moonlight.

Sunset Dreamscapes: Watch and relax as the sun sets over the horizon.

Underwater Dreams: Drift away with the beauty of the world underwater.

Nighttime Chill: Fly over and experience the city lights at night.

Sounds of Nature: Unwind from your day with calming sounds of nature from around the world.

Relaxing Nighttime: Settle in with the rest and relation of the sky.

Midnight Rain: Watch and listen as the midnight rain falls.

Happy Clouds: Watch happy clouds as time passes by.

Cosmic Relation: Float through space and relax with beautiful stars and cosmic wonders.

Windy Fields of Yellowstone: Admire Yellowstone’s fields, mountains and lakes while relaxing to its natural sounds.

Napali Coast Waves: Enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape, and allow the natural lapping of waves to lull you to sleep.

Lake Waves at Night: Relax with this moonlit mountain lake with natural sounds.

Gentle Forrest Rain: Unwind with the sound of gentle rain in a plush, green forest.

Calming Waves & Winds of Iceland: Relax with the calming sound of water flowing through majestic glaciers, cliffs and streams.

Campfire at Ruby Beach: Allow this coastal campfire to help you fall asleep with soothing natural sounds.

Coastal Waterfall & Waves: Enjoy this calm Icelandic night scape and allow the sounds of the waterfall to help you relax or sleep.

Iceland Twilight: Unwind as the sun sets on this beautiful oasis in Iceland.

Nebula Sleep Guide: Relax and fall asleep to the Nebula Bliss with images and audio tailored to enhance sleep.

Starry Skies: Sometimes the best view is above us. Enjoy these starry night skies.Sundown in Solitude: Step onto the beach and enjoy this gorgeous golden sunset.


Originally published in the June 2023 issue of OnDISH Magazine.